What to look for in a web host – Guidelines for the Selection of Hosting

If proper website hosting is absent, the capability of operating a successful website will be hugely sabotaged. The biggest and worst mistakes while selecting a hosting provider is choosing it at random. If a situation needs for some research, consideration and thought, then that situation is in the case of selecting a web hosting provider in much worthy. To choose a web hosting plan you have to follow the bellow crucial points.

There is a big collection of hosting providers who will compete to gain your business. How will you choose one of the best? You can begin by keeping the underlying points in consideration.


How to Choose a Web Hosting Provider and Hosting Plan?

First of All

The very first thing that you should check out while searching for a web host is to examine the bandwidth requirements and the disk space availability.

If the website features a collection of graphics, numerous web pages and receive a huge number of visitors, then the site will need a proper amount of web space (storage) bandwidth. So the companies offering unlimited storage and bandwidth make a lot easier for the customers to pay more attention to the work instead of thinking about the resources. If the website is simple and doesn’t generate the huge number of traffic, then the small amount of bandwidth and disk space should be suitable for your website.

Compatibility should also be kept in consideration, too.

Web Platforms (Content Management System)

One thing that should never be neglected is to choose a web hosting provider which should support the type of platform you want to use. There are various web platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, Magento etc. Thus, while selecting a hosting provider keep in mind; Is they compatible for your desired platform? Most of the hosting companies do not offer e-commerce compatible hosting on their basic plans. So, you need to purchase a plan which offers e-commerce related features and design specifically for it.

 Availability and Reliability

Two other major and crucial elements are the availability and reliability. So website hosting providers offer 99% ‘uptime’ however, you need to find out that is they fulfill their claims. Thus before you make a final decision for the subscription of the plan that, is they meet their guarantee of uptime.


You should also keep in mind the security factor because as the internet growing, security becomes a general issue. As a result, thousands of website hacked due to low-security protocols. Items like firewalls, daily backups, tight and double user authentication need to add in the security features. If you make any change, then notifications are to be sent as suspicious activities which alerted you about the modification.

Some companies also made their security protocols to protect their users. So, make sure before selecting a hosting provider; what the primary precautions are taken by the company.


Various individuals choose the hosting providers on the basis of prices. This, not a great tactic. However, the price should definitely a factor to take into consideration.

The best providers’ offers choices for all budgets and in most of the cases, if the subscriptions are on a long-term basis, then, the website is eligible for additional discounts. There should always be room for expansion, and it is always a wise decision when you choose a plan which suits not only the current requirements of your website but also the future needs too. Additionally, a provider who offers scalable plans should be choose.

Easy Scalability

The scalability allows the customers to shift to the plans having high resources. At the start, your site does not need more resources like bandwidth. But when the traffic of your site grows up you need a resource-rich plan to keep your site online. Because if a company did not allow scalability, you have to shift your site to the other hosting which is really a frustrating and time consuming in practical.

In simple words, you should choose a website hosting provider which offers easy switching between various plans. On top of this, the number of e-mail accounts you should also take into consideration as it is always a great idea to create as many e-mail accounts as possible.

Support Services

Even if an individual is quite knowledgeable in setting up a website, it is nice to have some help as per requirement. You should also confirm that website hosting provider is offering 24/7 support and that they are supporting the reliable lines of customer care services like online chat, email, phone, etc.

Furthermore, the company should also maintain an extensive stock of knowledge base. This knowledge base should continuously be updated. Moreover, also check out for the video tutorials. These video guides are the best way for learning and solutions.

Money Back Guarantee

Additionally, the money-back guarantee should be present so that the user can get his/her money back if he/she is not satisfied with the services. Most of the companies offer 30 days while some providers offer 90 days trial. Some providers apply anytime money back guarantee policy, according to these the company provides prorated fund after the expiry of the refund period.

So try to grab a hosting provider that offer high duration for a refund. The larger trial period shows that the company is very much confident in their services.

Online Reviews

Online reviews are also very helpful for the selection of the hosting plan. Many bloggers test the company’s services and share their experience on their blogs to help the others.

Moreover their some sites like BBB.org, which also play an important role and helps you in selecting the web hosting.

Additional Features

Finally, it is essential that choose a service that provides some additional features with the plans. If an individual is running an e-commerce store, then web hosting providers who offer e-commerce solutions are to be chosen.

Our Suggestion:

It is advisable to do some searches while selecting a hosting provider because a user will be stuck with the website hosting provider of their choice on a long-term.

In our experience, InMotion and HostGator are the great solutions for the hosting. Both are qualified for the best hosting providers. InMotion offers 90 days refund policy period and offers the unique features like Max Speed Zones and SSD drives. On the other hand, HostGator offers 45 days trial period and is consider as the best solution for those having the small budget and just at the start. For in-depth details read our review on InMotion and HostGator.